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Subscription Plans

All plans offer a one week free trial and satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our services, we will credit your account with a prorated refund for the remaining time in your subscription. 

Fees displayed are issued monthly. Plans may be cancelled anytime without penalty. $89 setup fee for all subscriptions includes digital meeting, brand definition, and secure storage for your social media log-in information and images.

Basic - $45/mo

Build Your Brand

- 5 Posts/Month 

- Single Platform
- Creative Captions
- Uses exclusively your photos

Platform Options

Enterprise - $70/mo

Create an Impression

- 10 posts/month on primary platform

- 5 posts/month on secondary platform

- Creative Captions
- Your photos + custom promotional graphics
- #Hashtagging

Platform Options

Business PLus - $130/mo

Social Media Empire

- 15 posts/month on primary platform (every other day posting)

- 10 posts/month on secondary platform

- 5 posts/month on third platform

- 5 posts/month on fourth platform 

- Creative captions
- Your photos + custom promotional graphics
- #Hashtagging and @account_tagging

- Direct Message Inbox Management

- Networking with related businesses

-Monthly Analytics to your inbox (Beta)

Platform Options

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